There May Be a Torch in Your Home

CSST Dangers in Cleveland, Ohio

(40 second safety MUST READ)

Picture this…

It’s raining…You’re at home. You hear a loud BOOM! 💥💥

One of your children are holding something that just sparked…then seconds later you hear your other child screaming from upstairs, “Fire! Fire! Fire in the attic!!” 🔥🔥

This all too common scenario is causing families to lose their homes and even worst every day. Sounds serious, right? But wait, it gets much worst. In fact, it’s so bad that some attorney’s specialize in these claims!

Every year, when lightning strikes, homes are virtually blowing up because of a little known issue – CSST DANGER.

CSST – Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing – has been the go to for new and remodeled homes as a PRIMARY gas source since the 90’s. It’s lightweight, flexible and easy to install and CHEAPER than it’s alternatives.

However, CSST is turning families on their heads from the massive fires it causes.

When lighting strikes, it takes the shortest path to ground and it arcs and hits the CSST which punches pinholes into the gas line. When you have an ignition (pinhole in CSST) and a gas source (hole in CSST), you have a torch.

                              CSST Pinhole caused by Lighting Strike on a home near Cleveland, Ohio

This little known fact to the average household has caused burned down homes, priceless family items lost, and even lives lost.

Don’t become another statistic. Let AC Electric inspect your home and help you with this dangerous issue. Don’t say you wish you did this. The rain is about to start in Northeast Ohio and with it comes chances of major CSST damaging to your home.  We want you and your family safe during the storms so call us today!

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