AC Electric can provide you with emergency and underground locating services when you need it. If it has been determined by us or your electrical service provider that you have a shorted wire underground, we can come out and coordinate with all utilities to restore your power. Our services for providing you with the quickest response and repair are as follows:

  • Schedule with the electric company for de-energizing the circuit
  • Coordinating with Ohio Utilities Protection Services (OUPS) before we dig for utility marking
  • Draw permits with the city for approval on repairs
  • Locate the fault and repair—same day if necessary
  • Contact your electric service provider for same day re-energizing of the circuit

In addition to the service we provide, we include a Lifetime Guarantee on our work! If the short happens again in the same repair we did, we will fix it at no charge to you. If it is found that another short surfaces within a 6-month period, we will provide you with an estimate to replace the whole service lines—and use your original work order payment as payment towards the new proposal!

For over a decade, AC Electric has been providing NE Ohio locating services and same day repairs when available. Contact us today to resolve your electrical issue.