Are you searching for an electrician in Parma, Ohio?

AC Electric has been offering electrical services such as service panel upgrades. Most Parma homes have Federal Pacific panels in them; and, we highly recommend replacing them when able to. Although they are not a fire hazard they are a safety concern (read our newsletter to get an understanding of the difference).

A Federal Pacific circuit breaker panel can appear to be working properly for years; but, there have been many instances where the breaker doesn’t trip when too high a load is on the circuit or a complete short occurs.

This problem has caused many fires throughout the years. Parma has lots of single family homes with the need of panel upgrades. We have performed many installations with the main requirement of cutting into the eaves in order to conform to today’s Code clearance requirements when upgrading your service.

Why Choose AC Electric As Your Expert Electrician in Parma, Ohio?

One of AC Electric’s most challenging repairs was done in Parmatown Towers where a fire occurred in a main electrical distribution panel. After the fire was put out, along with the power, we were there to re-energize the building. With the stress of the Fire Department, the Police Department, and over a thousand residents, we powered up the system safely; and quarantining 3 floors where the fire took place (a total of 72 units). Temporary power was given to the three floors within 48 hours! We have gained trust in our ability to perform under stress and time restraints because of this project; and, our reputation for excellence has been recognized because of this restoration.

From residential to commercial, AC Electric has been the choice contractor in Parma for many years with many customers scattered throughout the city. Give us a call now to see how we can be of service to you; good chance there is one of AC Electric’s highly trained technicians providing Parma electrical services right now!