AC Electric has been assisting its commercial clients from energy saving solutions to facilities maintenance since 1999. We have provided property maintenance companies and building owners electrical maintenance and interior lighting services when needed. Maintenance on the power equipment or new circuits or electrical panels is where we have built our reputation. Whether you are installing an A/C circuit or handing a 75kV transformer, we can assist you with your installation.

With the constant innovations in technologies and today’s Green initiatives, we have partnered up with lighting suppliers to offer money saving ideas to improve your bottom line.

Lighting is the most efficient method to recapture your wasted dollars to overall utilities annual expense. The following are just a few ways you can improve your facilities energy conservation:

  • Install motion sensors where areas are not frequented during specific time periods. The use of mechanical time clocks are effective; but, partnering them with motion control sensors can minimize even more the use of unused lighting loads.
  • Retrofitting with energy saving lamps can reduce your energy expenditure from 50-75% along with less down time due to relamping and/or restrike time for specific HID lamps.
  • Dimming controls harnessing the light levels in specific areas to reduce energy consumption and maximizing use of ambient light.
  • Installing vacancy sensors where lighting is generally not required, even when occupied. Examples are utility closets where personnel walk in for a bucket and mop. Installing motion sensors in these areas are inefficient; although, leaving the light on is just as wasteful. With vacancy sensors, the user must manually switch the fixture on; and, if they forget to turn it off, the sensor will shut the light off at a pre-determined time (approximately 15 minutes when no motion is sensed).
  • Replacing magnetic ballast with electronic ballasts can also have a significant impact on your cooling costs of your facility.

If not for energy conservation, do it for the people!

Research demonstrates that light has a profound impact on people—on their physical, physiological, and psychological health, and on their overall performance; particularly, in the workplace. Using new technologies to create energy-efficient lighting systems can increase productivity, which is made possible when lighting quality is improved.

Light has a significant impact on our performance in the workplace. Research shows that when the quality of light is accurate for the factors of the personnel using it, productivity and performance are improved dramatically, reduce fatigue and eyestrain, and increase an organization’s opportunity for success. The extent to which different lighting designs affect productivity is less measurable than energy savings.

A number of experiments have been carried out and evidence illustrates a correlation between lighting design and productivity. The Reno Post Office performed a lighting and ceiling retrofit and reduced machine operator error to 0.1 percent, the lowest error rate in the western region. While the $300,000 retrofit was projected to yield energy and maintenance savings of about $50,000, the reduction in operator error was worth $400,000 to $500,000 per year!

According to the Rocky Mountain Institute’s “Greening the Building and the Bottom Line”, lighting is a key factor in allowing an organization’s main component, its people, to get their jobs done. If the environment is inhospitable, it can have a detrimental impact on the outcome of their endeavors—the product they produce. In a typical business expenditure breakdown, labor accounts for 85 percent of the operating costs while lighting accounts for only 1 percent. A productivity increase of even 1 percent can offer savings in excess of an entire electric bill. Higher productivity and lower energy costs make businesses more competitive.

By balancing efficiencies with effective lighting systems, proper lighting can cut down on the need for supplemental task lighting, cooling costs, error rates and quality control issues. It can affect a factory or warehouse’s bottom line in the form of energy costs and the hard dollars actualized therein, higher productivity, lower absenteeism and smaller insurance premiums.

What sets us apart?

Electrical Contractors have been compared to a commodity. With all the information out there, and technology changing every year, no electrician knows it all. AC Electric sets itself to be at the highest level of this “commodity” misconception by providing you with the latest information along with better financial decisions. We ensure that our clients are not only served with the best customer experience, but are well informed before making any purchases. Our A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau is untarnished and we will work on keeping that rating for as long as AC Electric remains in business. But, let us not tell you how great we are; why not read what customers like you are saying about us:

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