Electrical Contractor in Cleveland Asmint Cruz poses near plumbing and electrical fixtures while on the job providing excellent customer service

AC Electric’s Beginnings as an Electrical Contractor in Cleveland

As Told By the Owner-Founder, Asmint Cruz

When I first began AC Electric in 1999, my idea was to start a general contracting company. In other words, I didn’t set out to be an electrical contractor in Cleveland. Rather, I wanted to do work I enjoyed while helping homeowners. The plan was to install or repair whatever they needed help with.   My first customers were a lovely couple (Elaine and John) in Cleveland, Ohio.  When I wrote my first invoice, I remember feeling a great sense of satisfaction. My skills gave them a product they needed at a reasonable cost.   That experience set my business mission into motion. The company I built would have contractors who loved their work, did it well, and provided exceptional customer service. This vision guided our growth as an electrical contractor in Cleveland.

A Passion of Electrical Work Directed the Company’s Growth

As I helped more customers with their home remodeling projects, I found myself drawn to the electrical trade. As a result, I registered with Polaris University under the Adult’s Training Course. While there, I had the great privilege of learning from electrical professor Doug Lehota.  He broke complex electrical engineering concepts down to the most minute detail.  Consequently, my understanding of electrical systems flourished.  My curiosity and desire to learn more grew, too.  At this point, I knew that I wanted to narrow my focus to be the best electrical contractor in Cleveland!
AC Electric Owner Asmint Cruz

Excellent Training Equals Excellent Customer Service

My studies never stopped after Polaris. Polaris studies sparked questions and a desire for more training. At Polaris I continued to learn residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems. From there, I went on to learn about systems that interact with electrical systems. For example, I’ve also trained in computer-aided drafting (CAD), lighting load calculations and efficacy; heating, air conditioning, and ventilation principals (HVAC); and plumbing. These studies have given me an understanding the mechanics of a building’s infrastructure. In addition, it has allowed me to troubleshoot a home’s or warehouse’s electrical needs more fully. In other words, my installation and repair plans consider intersecting theories. The customer, in turn, enjoys installation and repair plans that fit their full needs. Finally, this additional knowledge makes us your one-stop shop for an electrical contractor in Cleveland!

Superior Customer Service Has Always Been the Primary Focus

As a new business owner, sometimes business was slow. During a slow time, I worked for a trades placement company. The job included excellent wages and benefits. In this position, money was not a concern, yet I wasn’t completely happy. While I enjoyed being able to tell my daughter I could buy her whatever she wanted with this job, I missed knowing that I had made a customer happy. One day, a customer called me about a problem while I was at work. I couldn’t say no to someone who could use my help. Thus, I gave my 2-week notice, and I was back to struggling as a business owner! That was in 2010, and I haven’t looked back since.

AC Electric Became an Electrical Contractor in Cleveland in 2001

When I quit my job in 2001, I knew that I had to get serious about being a business owner. Once again, I knew that more education was the answer. This time, I wanted to learn how to keep the business side running, so I could do the work I enjoyed without worrying about slow periods. I attended many business courses, seminars, and webinars. I also reached out to SCORE (a branch of the SBA) for guidance. I even hired coaches to improve my business administration skills. This education allowed me to get the business running smoothly, so I could focus on my passion—helping customers!

We Owe Our Growth to Our Customers

In the beginning, AC Electric was little more than a bucket filled with second-hand tools. Now, thanks to our excellent customer service, we’re a one-stop electrical contractor. Our office in Cleveland offers 3 fully stocked vans and a bucket truck!

We’ve Built a Solid Reputation in Northeast Ohio

My vision and passion for excellent customer service continue to guide us as a one-stop electrical contractor in Cleveland. I provide regular training to all my employees because superior knowledge is the first key to superior service. I’m still serving customers, too! Indeed, I wake up at 4:15 a.m. every morning without an alarm because I love meeting and helping our customers!