AC Electric Serving Grafton, OH 

Top Electrical Installation, Maintenance, Inspections, Emergency Services, and Troubleshooting Service Provider in Northeast Ohio!

AC Electric is not just another one of those fly-by-night electrical contractors that makes a quick buck and shuts down.  We are a team of highly-skilled electricians with some of the top talented technicians and troubleshooters in the greater Cleveland area.  AC Electric has been in business since 1999 and has received top accolades such as the #1 rated electrician according to Channel 5 News and Cleveland Consumer Affairs!  We’ve also racked up over 100 5 Star Google reviews and continuing to add to that total weekly.

Services we offer in Grafton, OH:

With our highly trained and constantly tested electricians, we are always ready to assist in your electrical repairs and other electrical needs.  For immediate service call 330-659-0700.  Learn more about us by clicking here.


Your One-Stop Residential Electrician

We understand how it can be a daunting task trying to find a reliable and legit contractor no matter what your project is for your home.  We’ve made the decision much less stressful and so much easier for you to choose AC Electric for your electrical contractor needs!  Once you see our super cool looking van pull up to your residence you’ll immediately see a very professional and well-run company that takes their job seriously while still maintaining a smile.  AC Electric will always explain our findings and give you more than one option and never pressure you to sign or schedule the job.  It’s up to you to decide how you want to proceed with our findings and we will support your decision while always providing the facts!

Below are some of the common jobs we find in Grafton:

Do you have any other questions about our residential electrical services?  Give us a call at 330-659-0700!


Commercial Electrical Contractors That Are Honest and Approachable 

AC Electric has worked at some of Cleveland Ohio’s top business buildings and even some historic sites.  This is because we are extremely honest in our approach and present all of our commercial (and residential) clients with all their best options.

Below are some very common calls we receive in Grafton for commercial electrical jobs:

Don’t let the long list of electrical contractors bog you down with your decision.  Call AC Electric and you’ll immediately notice the difference in quality and respect we have for you!  Call us at 330-659-0700

Emergency Electrical Services 

It’s like clock-work.  AC Electric will receive waves of emergency electrical service calls and we have a master-plan that we’ve developed for you.  We have a list of questions we ask all emergency calls in order to provide the safest and best service options for you.  Many times our calls turn into a tutoring session in which you will always feel more prepared for your current and future outages.

For immediate assistance call us at 330-659-0700 or call your electric provider immediately!

Security Services

Ever since Security cameras has had internet access, AC Electric has been doing installations for residents and commercial building across Northeast Ohio.  Be sure to check out our Security Services pages to learn more about our offerings!

AC Electric is ready to assist all of your needs today!  We are an A+ BBB Rated Company with over one hundred 5 Star Google Reviews.  You can trust us to handle all of your electrical needs!  Call now!