Residential and Commercial Electrician Serving Middleburg Heights, Ohio


For over 20 years, AC Electric has been serving northeast Ohio and have won numerous local awards. We provide flexible services that change with societal demands imposed by national electrical code and Ohio residential codes. We have a weekly based training program for our personnel to ensure the proper delivery of services such as maintenance and inspection, installation, and accurate cost analysis.

electrician Middleburg Heights Ohio

Middleburg Heights is a city that is known for its beauty and diversity. With the Big Creek parkway lending us their long paths through the city, our certified electricians love driving through this beautiful city! Middleburg Heights has a great blend of both commercial and residential buildings we service.

Call AC Electric for All of Your Residential Electrical Needs

Our team is steadfast in providing the best customer service experience. We provide electrical wiring services for residential maintenance so you can have peace of mind. We also raise the standards by providing a 24-hour emergency service for you! With numerous awards under our belt, we are sure to satisfy your unique needs.

Top Choice for Commercial Electrical Contractors

Our electricians understand residential, commercial and industrial electric systems. With our evergreen electrician training programs, we stay updated with the frequent shifting technological trends. Our well-relayed customer service is there to provide valuable information allowing your business to make the best choice for your special situations!

We have gained a reputation in-service commercial companies and buildings by providing maintenance, installation of high-power transformers, and motion sensors. On the other hand, we also retrofit with energy-saving lamps to reduce energy expenditure, dimming controls in areas where light is not needed to maximize energy in section with higher demand.

Knob and Tube Wiring in Middleburg Heights

This is a form of insulated copper conductors passing through walls inside protective tubes. It is an old wiring system which has been outwitted from the internal wiring system as it’s considered expensive. While some may critique this old system, we believe it does have its place and we will provide you with our expert advice.

Why Choose AC Electric

Our target is not based on sales, and we are there to provide the best customer service. This is seconded by our 20-year experience in the field and the numerous awards that we’ve been crowned such as Channel 5 News Cleveland and Cleveland Consumer Electrician Award.

We offer quick responses to our customers, and you should expect minimal power faults as we have a 24-7 emergency service.