Residential & Commercial Electrician Serving Kent, Ohio

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If you are looking for an electrician in Kent Ohio then AC Electric should always be your first pick. Since we first began operation in 1999 we have become one of the top service providers all across Northeast Ohio. With a wide variety of awards under our belt, and a deep knowledge of the art and craft of electrical repair we are undoubtedly the number one electrical contractor in Kent Ohio.

The #1 Residential Electrician Servicing Your Community

Kent is the kind of place where there’s always something to do. From the vast greenery of Kent State University, or the wild tunes of The Kent Stage. Regardless of where you are in Kent there is always something to do with others. And when it comes to making sure all of those places and attractions continue to operate we will always be there for the community. Our team of contractors is fully licensed for residential work and maintenance. Regardless of what is the task that your house or building requires we can handle it and will do so expertly. So trust us the way Kent trusts us and let us help you out.

Your #1 Choice for Electrical Contractors in Kent

While we take great pride in the skill of our staff to handle any kind of residential grid and repairs. We are able to handle way more than that. Across our time in the business AC Electric has worked in some of the biggest malls and commercial property in the Ohio area. There’s no job too small or too big for our team, and regardless of how large the property is we can assure you a perfect job. Another important feature about our service is our 24/7 call line. While blackouts and electrical damage can happen at any hour most companies won’t answer calls at any hour. We understand the importance of electrical maintenance for you, and due to that have a line that works 24/7. Just call us at any hour and we’ll send help your way as soon as possible or offer telephone guidance based on the case.

Knob and Tube Wiring Services for Kent

You might not know it yourself but if you live in an old house there is a large chance that your house uses a Knob and Tube wiring system for its electrical connections. In short, K&T is an older method of wiring cables that has been slowly phased out for NM Cable as time passes by. This has resulted in many people believing that K&T is dangerous by comparison. In reality, K&T isn’t worse than NM, however, due to the age it is important to change some key features to bring it to modern standards. So if you know you have an outdated system or suspect about it. Just give us a call and without much fuss we’ll check and update your Knob and Tube wiring for you.

Why Choose AC Electric?

At the end of the day whenever you choose a brand or company it all comes down to trust or quality and that is precisely what we have managed to acquire in all our years working for the Ohio area. Both Cleveland Consumer Affairs and have named us the best electrician service in the Cleveland region. And we also received the Channel 5 News Award as the #1 Electrician serving Cleveland. Since we started in 1999 we’ve given our all to provide our clients with the best service in the area, and those awards, as well as the satisfaction of our customers, are the proof of it.