Gas Leak Detectors

Gas Leak Detectors

Combustable gas leak detectors have never been as important to your home as they are today.  Today’s infrastructure has been slowly crumbling which has led to fatal yet preventable outcomes as seen in Maynard, Massachusetts.  A man in his 60’s recently passed away after a leak in an underground gas line ignited in a basement crawl space.  Expert warn us that we should treat a potential gas leak as important as a fire alarm.  If there’s even a hint of a gas smell in the air, it’s extremely important to have an expert review the situation as soon as possible.  You can even call the local fire department.

What is a Combustible Gas Detector?

A combustible gas detector is an electronic device used in the detection of combustible, flammable, and toxic gases within a given area of effectiveness for the combustible gas detector.  These gases are not always easy to smell as some may think.  There’s many factors that can play into not being able to smell a toxic gas.  While you can typically smell a gas in the air, here are a few reasons that can prevent you from smelling the gases:

  • Smoke from tobacco products
  • Food cooking that can impact the smell of the gases in the air
  • Simply having a cold or allergies that block your ability to smell
  • Not being in the room where the gas is detected

It is extremely important for all home owners to not take this lightly.  For illustration purposes, we want to share a video with you of a real life gas leak explosion in a residential home.

Clearly, as you can see in the video, gas leaks are nothing to mess with.  For gas leak questions, call AC Electric as soon as possible!  Gas leak detectors can save lives and we want to spread that message.