How to Prevent Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Many business owners have called AC Electric and asked us how to prevent electrical hazards in the workplace.How to Prevent Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

If you’re a business owner, you probably had a vision when you opened your business. You saw a market niche, something that people wanted but weren’t being provided.

So you set about filing paperwork, raising investor capital, ordering stock, making connections, and advertising your fledgling operation. In all the chaos that surrounds a business launch, you may never have thought about what securing your business premises would mean in the long term.

But owning or renting a business property is a lot like owning or renting a home: it doesn’t end. You need to keep on top of maintenance and invest constantly, or small problems become big ones. And keeping your electrical wiring up-to-date is a vital, if often overlooked, part of business ownership. Here are the two biggest reasons why.

Why is Electrical Safety Important?

The last thing any business owner wants is a fire on the premises, but faulty wiring causes over 50,000 house fires every year. One big reason is overloaded sockets. Plugging several high-wattage appliances into the same socket without using a surge protector can cause it to overheat. Even if you do use a surge protector, be sure to check its rating, which should be marked on the back in Amperes. If you exceed the rating, the surge protector can spark out.

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Another cause of fires is frayed wiring in your walls and ceiling. Because internal wiring is hidden, this is easy to miss, but all wires will eventually fray from age and use. Keep an especially sharp eye out for problems if you’ve ever had a problem with mice or squirrels, as they can get into your walls and chew on wires. If your circuit breaker often trips without explanation or your lights flicker or buzz, it’s time to contact an electrician.

Electrical Hazards Example

Electrical shocks in the workplace cause 30 deaths and 1,000 accidents per year. Apart from the human cost of these accidents, they often mire businesses in costly lawsuits.

Many electrical accidents are caused by damaged equipment, such as tools with cracked handles or frayed wires that are fixed with tape. Never use a damaged tool unless it has been inspected by an expert. Machinery is also dangerous if it is not properly earthed and grounded, so make sure that all electrical equipment is inspected and approved before you or an employee handles it. You can often save money in the long term by having equipment installed by an expert.

Don’t wait for electrical hazards to cause problems in your workplace. Contact AC Electric today.