Residential Electrical Services

Office Locations

AC Electric has generated mass buzz across Northeast Ohio. With our customer base growing our service base has also been expanding and with it, we have new office locations across the region. Whether we are working on a million dollar mansion on Lake road by Huntington Beach in Bay Village, or working on an apartment complex in my personal favorite and hometown of Lakewood, we enjoy providing top notch customer service.

Why is it important that we have multiple locations? Simply put, we need to get to you as fast as possible. Electricity can be a very dangerous thing, and when left unattended it can lead to a house fire. When you call AC Electric you are considered a high priority and if the circumstance calls for it, we will be at your home or business as soon as we possibly can. You are the reason this business exists and our passion to make you another satisfied customer (read AC Electric reviews here) is our top priority after making sure you and your family are safe.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to gain your trust and your business. Do you have a small question that may not require a house call? No problem! Remember, we are in this for you and your families safety. No call is too small or too big. Whether it’s your home or business, give AC Electric a call and we will love the opportunity to turn you into another satisfied customer!

AC Electric services all of Northeast Ohio. Below are our current offices and we plan on expanding and adding more soon!