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AC Electric is proud to make the statement that we are truly a 24—7 Emergency Service Electrical Contractor! Whether the temperature is 10° below 0, or you have a downed service at 1:30am, we have been there to assist you in your time of urgent need.


Proper upkeep and electrical maintenance is key to a business’s success. Whether your maintaining a factory or a laundromat, when an electrical failure happens—your business suffers! AC Electric specializes in trouble shooting all phases of electrical equipment—from motor control failure to roof lighting shorts (600V or less).


Are you in the market for home back up power and don’t know where to go? How about trying to purchase the equipment yourself, but a generator dealer won’t install your equipment? Or maybe you’re wanting to remove your generator from one home and install it in your new one.


AC Electric has been installing customer’s security cameras ever since they have been internet accessible. We can provide you with the hidden cable lines for security and aesthetics along with mounting and adjusting your cameras so you don’t have to climb a ladder! Cables can be fished through walls or in conduit to protect it from being cut by vandals or potential intruders.